What is Playaction

Playaction is a personal project aimed to create a whole world of toys that includes figures, vehicles and other staff ready for 3D print. In Playaction every model shares the same scale, are easily printable and need no glue for assembly.


Easy 3D print

Playaction models are designed with 3D printing in mind. Every piece is created for consuming less material and easily removing supporting parts. Using different filament colors you can create an bunch of characters and vehicles. 

Download for free

Playaction figures and vehicles are free. They are available at MyMiniFactory. Go ahead and give them a try!


Every single model is previously tested before publishing. They are always sliced with Cura and printed in a Ultimaker 2 3D printer, this way we can assure Playaction models can be printed without issues.

No support needed

Usually we create our models support free. This means either the different pieces do no need additional support or that we have created the supporting structures ourself, so you don't have to.

No glue needed

We think that glue is evil! Of course you can glue the different pieces if you want, but we create our figures and vehicles for assembling without any adhesive.

Assembly instructions for every model

Assembling Playaction figurines and vessels is really easy, but we always create visual assembly guides. You can download them from the figure´s page. You will find these guides also in every model file page in Pinshape and MyMiniFactory. 

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